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Eyebrows at Beauty Case London, Fleet and Farnborough


Eyebrows are the most important element in framing the face and giving the whole face definition. Whether your brows have thinned with age, are over plucked , are very fair or you simply want to improve their shape and look and already have a lot of natural hair, you can be totally confident that Nadia will create for you bespoke brows that are elegant have a stunning finish.

Nadia’s mastery of the brows is probably unparalleled, having worked literally on tens of thousands of eyebrows in her 22 year career, she will create stunning eyebrows which will not only open up the the eyes but also lift the cheek and brow area.

Stroke Brow: Single hair-strokes are used with high magnification and precision to create a very natural result.

3D-Shadow Brow: For the Kardashian type look creating a bolder finish; undeniably one of the most popular recent fashion trends. Perhaps the least natural look, but none the less unquestionably beautiful.

Combi Brow: Uses a combination of the above techniques to create a bespoke and fabulous finish.

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Price List
Stroke Brows £250
3D-Shadow Brows from £250
Combination Brows from £250

Eyebrow maintenance

Regular maintenance on your brows will be required to keep your brows looking their very best and we recommend that this may be required between 6-18 months. A yearly touch up is £100.

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